The Dražen Petrović in Art exhibition is an overview of the Croatia’s and world’s monumental heritage along with selected works from the holdings of the Museum and Memorial Center Dražen Petrović depicting Dražen in paintings, reliefs, caricatures, postage stamps, plaques and silver coins and trophies.

Among the artists who skillfully portrayed and shaped the first Croatian captain are eminent names of Croatian art, academic sculptors and painters such as Vasko Lipovac, Kuzma Kovačić, Kažimir Hraste, Dimitrije Popović, Damir Mataušić, Rudi Stipković and many others.

Dražen Petrović produced his art on basketball courts and eventually it became part of Croatian’s sports history and beyond. With this exhibition we want to present the skill of various masters in translating Dražen’s virtuosity into works of art.