Medal making

In 1994 academic sculptor Damir Mataušić designed a silver coin with Dražen Petrović’s image in profile on reverse and a stylized presentation of a ball passing through a basketball hoop shaped by Olympic circles and Croatian „šahovnica“ (chessboard) on the obverse. Two medals with a 15 cm diameter in plaster and cast bronze were made, as well as a gold coin made out of forged gold with a diameter of 2.6 cm and a silver coin made out of forged silver with a 3.8 diameter.

UIn Dražen Petrović’s honour the same artist in 1998 designed gold and silver coins with a profile of Dražen Petrović on the obverse and an image of Cibona’s hall, logo and tower on the reverse. Non-ferrous metals mint Ikom produced the coins. Gold coins of 7 and 3.49 grams (ducat purity), a gold pendant of 5 grams and a silver pendant (pure silver) of 15 grams were made. Their presentation was held in Cibona’s trophy room and the former director of Ikom handed them to the Petrović family.

As gifts, gold coins were handed over to senior officials, statesmen and representatives of the International Olympic Committee after a visit to the Museum or in occasion of important anniversaries and as a sign of grattitude and in memory of Dražen Petrović.

Museum and gallery center Zagreb issued a plaque with the image od Dražen in a basketball jersey with a ball, the work of Slavomir Drinković. On the obverse there is a relief bust of Dražen Petrović in Croatian national team jersey with number four on it, with an SD signature number and the year 94 at the bottom right. The reverse reads DRAŽEN PETROVIĆ / 1964 – 1993. The plaque was cast in bronze, 17 cm in diameter. Only copy was gifted to Juan Antonio Samaranch, the president of the International Olympic Committee.

Dražen Petrović plaque

  • author: Slavomir Drinković
  • year: 1994
    material and technique: bronze, casting
    diameter 17 cm
  • identification number: MMCDP-PK-75

Silver coin Dražen Petrović

  • author: Damir Mataušić
  • year: 1998
    material and technique: silver, casting
  • diameter: 3,8 cm